Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kid's Birthday

I also did a SMASH cake for this little boy.
Tyler was speechless when he saw his MINECRAFT cake.

I never even heard of this game, but apparently the kids love to play it!!

Batman wishing Zachary a GREAT birthday!!!

Elmo is wishing Hailey a Happy 2nd Birthday!!

Zachary loved his Scooby-Doo cake!  His mom said he wanted one with lots of icing, and I think he got it!!
This was for a little boy who loves Gordon the Train!!
This was for a little guy who was turning 5!!! He must really like Super Mario, because he was wearing a t-shirt with him too!!

Here's a pretty little piggy for a special little girl who turned 9!!!

My niece wanted a Princess cake for her 6th birthday, so I made her this. She was pretty pleased with it!

This little bear is for a child born during the Christmas holidays!! He's actually eating one of the white chocolate snowflakes!!

German dirndl with hearts all over. This girl is carrying a little purse too, with a Euro cent coin!

A different design of dirndl, off the shoulders.

Front of Bumblebee Transformers cake
Back of Bumblebee Transformer cake with Birthday boy's name on the license plate...

Party Piggy

Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtle

Little Mermaid

Disney cake with complimentary Smash cake for baby's 1st birthday. (Also pictured under "SMASH")

Clowns and blocks

Curious George popping out of giant cupcake


  1. You did such an awesome job on Jeffery and dominique's cakes!!!

  2. you make amazing cakes for an amazing price!

    1. Thank you!! I have a lot of fun doing it too!