Saturday, January 23, 2010


This was so much fun to make!!  I am an Angry Birds fan and when Christy asked for this cake, I was thrilled!!
This is a "girlie" cake with a 70s-80s feel. After all, that is when the wedge shoe first came out. Flower Power!!

Front and side views of my Grand Piano cake.

This was for a "Fashionable" lady's 50th birthday. Her husband didn't want to go with the usual Tombstone cake!!

 This is a replica of the float from our German club. It was for someone's 40th birthday. Recently, it has been in the Norfolk Grand Illumination parade, as well as the Oceanview St Patrick's Day parade! It will sit outside the Oktoberfest party too.
 This was for a very special lady who orders a lot of cakes from me. This was the first time I made sweet peas and daffodils! I also used my checkerboard cake set...This was pineapple and strawberry flavors, and it was so good!! This is a mini Topsy Turvey cake, actually three different sized cupcakes!! I made this for myself for my birthday! This can be done for alot of different occasions, not just birthdays. This was for a brother-sister birthday. They are 12 and 16, on the same day!! I made the high-heeled sandal and the X-Box controller to personalize it for each, plus the colors. Dan's nickname growing up was "Dan-O-Mite", so that's what they wanted on the cake!! The wick on the bomb is a sparkling candle!! My first Ice Cream cake. You gotta be able to freeze these cakes fast... Birthday cake for a vacation in St John's! Boy was Dan surprised!! Simple Rosebuds and rose make this birthday cake pretty! The Badge of Justice from World of Warcraft. Too much blue? Everyone knows the lovable Maxine, giving her opinion (as usual) for an Over-the-Hill cake. You don't gotta be over 21 to enjoy this one!! This was a Red velvet cake, covered with buttercream and fondant. It was for a fellow NY Giants fan. Old school Beer can Roses Birthday Rosebud Birthday This Jigsaw Puzzle cake was fun to make. It turned out as good as I thought it would!

This was for a German lady who is also a Breast cancer survivor & she had reached the "Speed Limit" age!! She is also a very good friend of ours. She actually cried when I brought it out. That is the biggest compliment I have ever received!!
Happy Birthday to my niece!!  She turned 30!

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  1. My daughter absolutely loved the WOW Badge of Justice cake! It looked great and was delicious, too - chocolate cake!