Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wedding Cakes

I specialize in the old-fashion style wedding cakes, but I have done some more modern too. These are all buttercream iced cakes, not fondant.

Juli and Jonathan and the beautiful cake I created for them.  This was a destination wedding in Williamsburg, Va.  They came all the way down from Massachusetts!!

The cake is all buttercream and the couple provided the fresh flowers.

This was a for a nice young couple who got married in Sandbridge (Va Beach).  The cupcakes were for them to SMASH, I mean feed to each other, as opposed to cutting a piece out of the cake.

This was ordered by a bride who only wanted it for "show" and pictures of them cutting it. She was going to serve something else to her guests at their wedding.
 Small cake with double hearts and doves for a small intimate wedding.

A more modern style cake, still buttercream, not fondant. Blue Dots Wedding cake, serves 200-225.

Teal Hearts and Cornelli Lace for another old fashioned look. This cake has the 7" columns between the top and middle tiers and 9" columns between the middle and bottom tiers. Unfortunately, I do not have the 9" columns any longer, but I do have plenty of the 7" ones, so it would not be as tall at the bottom.

Pink and white double ruffles. This can be done with columns as well.

Small wedding with pink cornelli lace and 7" clear twist columns for a small intimate wedding of just family. This can be made as large as you need, and in white (of course).

This was my own wedding cake, that I made back in 1998. 12" heart and 6" heart with 9" clear twist columns. I also have a 9" heart pan so I can make a 3-tiered cake.  I can make this for you without the columns too!

Rectangle Wedding cake that was made at the last minute with cake that was "on hand" at a bakery I used to work at.  It was a rush order with little to no time to spare.

3 tiered with clear twist columns (again, I do not have the 9" columns but could do this with the 7" columns instead), royal icing roses between the columns.


Well, someone ordered a Dallas cake, so here it is. The funny part is, SHE is the Dallas fan, her hubby is a Packers' fan!!! She did that as a joke to him. Hope he isn't too mad!

This is for my great-nephew. He likes the Braves (poor soul). He doesn't know any better!! ha ha...

This is another cake for my nephew. He chose a football theme this time. The Raiders was his grandpa's team so, in memory of Grandpa Pat, GO OAKLAND!!! Happy 8th Birthday Jeffery!!

Everything on this cake is edible, except the aluminum foil covered base. I had a different team and had to change it at the last minute. I had a half hour to do it and you can see the results!!

For a boy's 13th birthday. He plays soccer so his grandma requested this!

Cake for your favorite football team. If you want, I can put any team on this one (yes, I will even make a Cowboys one).

World Series Trophy in honor of the Yankees 27th Championship in 2009. I hope to make another one of these soon, this time using fondant.


Anniversary cake for a very special couple and dear friends of mine. They were celebrating 45 years together! I asked their daughter if she had a picture from their wedding and she emailed this to me. I wanted to match the colors but it was all in white, so I just matched the flowers she was holding. I made these from fondant and they hardened just like sugar flowers.

This is a half sheet cake with royal icing flowers, done ahead of time.


This was so much fun to make!!  I am an Angry Birds fan and when Christy asked for this cake, I was thrilled!!
This is a "girlie" cake with a 70s-80s feel. After all, that is when the wedge shoe first came out. Flower Power!!

Front and side views of my Grand Piano cake.

This was for a "Fashionable" lady's 50th birthday. Her husband didn't want to go with the usual Tombstone cake!!

 This is a replica of the float from our German club. It was for someone's 40th birthday. Recently, it has been in the Norfolk Grand Illumination parade, as well as the Oceanview St Patrick's Day parade! It will sit outside the Oktoberfest party too.
 This was for a very special lady who orders a lot of cakes from me. This was the first time I made sweet peas and daffodils! I also used my checkerboard cake set...This was pineapple and strawberry flavors, and it was so good!! This is a mini Topsy Turvey cake, actually three different sized cupcakes!! I made this for myself for my birthday! This can be done for alot of different occasions, not just birthdays. This was for a brother-sister birthday. They are 12 and 16, on the same day!! I made the high-heeled sandal and the X-Box controller to personalize it for each, plus the colors. Dan's nickname growing up was "Dan-O-Mite", so that's what they wanted on the cake!! The wick on the bomb is a sparkling candle!! My first Ice Cream cake. You gotta be able to freeze these cakes fast... Birthday cake for a vacation in St John's! Boy was Dan surprised!! Simple Rosebuds and rose make this birthday cake pretty! The Badge of Justice from World of Warcraft. Too much blue? Everyone knows the lovable Maxine, giving her opinion (as usual) for an Over-the-Hill cake. You don't gotta be over 21 to enjoy this one!! This was a Red velvet cake, covered with buttercream and fondant. It was for a fellow NY Giants fan. Old school Beer can Roses Birthday Rosebud Birthday This Jigsaw Puzzle cake was fun to make. It turned out as good as I thought it would!

This was for a German lady who is also a Breast cancer survivor & she had reached the "Speed Limit" age!! She is also a very good friend of ours. She actually cried when I brought it out. That is the biggest compliment I have ever received!!
Happy Birthday to my niece!!  She turned 30!


I made this for a soldier who came home from Iraq. The rifle is rice cereal covered in fondant.

This was for a Marine coming home from deployment. The Marine Corps emblem is all chocolate and edible gold paint. His comment was "That cake is SICK!!"
This is a Black Forest cake, made at the German Pantry.  I actually only made the Navy Emblem, in chocolate.  It was for a retirement party.

Misc Cakes

A cute little Sea Turtle for a friend's sister.  The little guy is made of sugar (gum paste) so it won't 'melt' in the frosting and gel.

Ace of Spades champagne for a one of a kind surprise!!

I made this for my husband for his birthday.  We have two (2) Siamese cats!!
I had never made anything like this before, so I hope they liked it. The violin was RKT, sitting on a bed a white chocolate curls.

This is all cake, except for the boxes. My husband comes from da Bronx and LOVES White Castle, so I made him this for his birthday!

I made this one, a chocolate cake from a recipe I found online. Of course I had to decorate it just a little bit!!

I had a request for a Chinese Fruit cake. This is my first attempt!!

This is my 2nd attempt! This one has a hint of orange flavor.

Flip Flops cake for a Luau party! I also made the little seashell chocolates.

Good Luck Rainbow

Bon Voyage Suitcase

Anniversary at work

Flower water can


Blue Ribbon